3D Shape Nets A4 Card, Cube, Pyramid, Triangle + Pentagon Prism, 25 Sheets - Teaching

  • £4.49

3D shape nets - a great tool for teaching how a two-dimensional net turns into a three-dimensional shape. Supplied in a mix of brightly coloured 160gsm card, the material is thin enough to cut and fold easily, but holds the shape well.

Each pack contains 25 brightly coloured card sheets with 5x cube, 5x triangular and square base pyramids, 5x triangular and pentagonal prisms. Each net includes tabs to stick the shape together and get a really neat job. The tabs are 12mm wide and work well with a dab of glue, or double sided tape. For a quick and professional result a hot melt glue gun works well, probably not for little fingers though!

Colour of card supplied may vary from the pictures show, but will always be a mix of 5 vibrant colours. Designed and printed in the United Kingdom on card from sustainable sources.